What's like moving to Ireland?

Johnstown Castle Ireland

In this, my first post in a long time, I would like to share a little of what has been my experience since I moved to Ireland.

I arrived six months ago to a town called Wexford, located on the south-east of the island, where 21,000 people live.
Before travelling, I did my research to know more about the country, and I found that all blogs talked about the same thing: the kindness of people, the love for beer and the weather.

And yes! They were right. The Irish are very friendly, they love to drink and their favourite subject is the weather. Of course, the summer is not like in Spain, with high temperatures, but is not bad at all and I really enjoyed it. Now that the autumn has arrived it is colder but with sunny days, and some rainy but in general, so far the weather has been similar to Bogotá, my native city.

Wells house Ireland
Wells house - Wexford, Ireland

In Wexford life is super different from what I was used to. I could walk everywhere, I never had to take a taxi or bus, there is no traffic jam and you live an absolute peace and tranquillity. The only problem is that days can become very monotonous because it is small and everything will always be the same, especially if you do not have a car to go to nearby towns.
I noticed that there are quite lot restaurants around, and they all are good, like really good. I guess they have to because of the competence, so there are a lot of options if you planning to go out for a nice meal.

wexford town ireland
Wexford Town
Obvious if you live in a bigger city, the experience is going to be different, but in general, Ireland is composed mostly of towns. The main cities are Dublin, Cork and Galway, where there is more diversity, more employment, tourism but it is also more complicated to rent a place to live and is more expensive.

Something important is that at the moment there is a worrying housing crisis. Prices are high, a lot of people is looking for a place to live and as there are not many, you see absurd cases were all the rooms of a house, including the living room and dining room are transformed and they put beds and lease them at very high prices, especially in Dublin. A two-bed house in Wexford is around 800 euro a month, while in Dublin the price will be around 1.800 euro, maybe a little bit cheaper the further you live from the city centre.

Hook Lighthouse - Wexford, Ireland
In the future I’ll be posting reviews of restaurants and other places especially in Dublin, so keep visiting and if you have any questions about anything just comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading.

wells gardens ireland
Wells Gardens - Wexford, Ireland

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